Monday, January 9, 2012


So Chris and I went away this weekend to Las Vegas. It was really fun and frankly Chirs and I really needed a break from all of those crazy Zombie Gnomes. So we backed up our bags and went to Sin City. We told Wyrick and Mayfield to take good care of the house and at first we were a little worried about what we would come back to wasn't that bad :). There were a few body parts spralled across the yard....but nothing we haven't seen before. 

When we got home, we found Mayfield and Wyrick sitting on the porch just enjoying the day. Mayfield was feeding little Shemp his bottle and Wyrick was smoking his tobacco pipe. They seemed very content and happy. We asked them how things went and they said it went well. They did however find some new Zombie Gnomes that they were worried about and that they wanted to  show us them the next day (aka today). So...well..Chris and I are getting ready to go on another Zombie Gnome hunt. Hopefully we won't get our ankles bit...

Monday, January 2, 2012

That Time They Tried to Attack The Rose Parade

As some of you might know, in California we have a tradition every New Year called The Rose Parade. Probably the only reason I have ever watched this thing was because a relative or someone I knew was associated with it. I do have to admit though they do have some really cool floats and they are covered in fresh flowers so most of them are really pretty. The great part is if you wait at the end of the parade (which I've done a few times) the floats will start falling apart. So sometimes it'll be an arm or a leg will be missing, or a fake building made of roses would have fallen down. 
Anyways the reason I'm mentioning this is that the Zombie Gnomes tried to attack the Rose Parade. The only reason I even know about this is because of Wyrick and Mayfield. They were purging an area of Zombie Gnomes, in Chris and mines garden, when they saw a crude drawing and the letters " Ros Parde" (apparently Zombie Gnomes don't know how to spell) Mayfield and Wyrick were able to figure it out that the Zombie gnomes were going to hitchhike a parade float (the one from Cal Poly Pomona) and hide on it until the beginning of the parade. Then they were going to jump off and start attacking all of participants there. 
Well Chris and I knew we had to do something. So we set up traps around the house to trap the Zombie Gnomes inside our Garden so that Mayfield and Wyrick could do their thing. The two of them were able to catch the Zombie Gnome who started this evil plan and keep the rest of the Zombie Gnomes from attacking (thank god). 

Could you imagine how awful it would be if the Zombie Gnomes had succeeded?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here we are again

The nice thing about Christmas being over is that the Zombie Gnomes haven't been attacking as much. We had so many Zombie Gnome attacks it was almost impossible to handle! I guess Christmas just makes them really hungry...for whatever reason. But who knows what the next Year will bring. So this coming Feb. it will be 1 Year since Chris and I have been following the Zombie Gnomes! It seems so much longer since Chris and I have been spreading awareness of the those evil little guys. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Day After Christmas

Well it's been two days since Christmas and frankly Chris and I really needed the break from all of those crazy Zombie Gnomes. Wyrick, Mayfield, and Shemp came and opened presents with Chris and I. They didn't quiet understand why in the world we would cut down a tree and place it in our house, but they went along with it and even gave each other presents. Mayfield got nice new knife (which I suppose she could use for the kitchen but we all know its for killing those damn Zombie Gnomes) Wyrick got a brand new tobacco pipe. (His got broken when the Zombies attacked the house) and Shemp got his very first ax. It was very cute.
But now it's time to get back to work fighting those evil little Zombie Gnomes. Hopefully the new year will bring us a cure :)
Anyways Chris and I really hope that everyone else who reads our blog had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I bet a lot of you have been wondering where the hell we've been. Here's a picture to explain...

Crazy right?

So we had an infestation of Zombie Gnomes. We literally stayed up for over 24 hours fighting them off. I guess the holiday season brings out the Zombie Gnomes...

Monday, November 28, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

We hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful. Chris and I had a lot of fun spending time with our families and even Wyrick and Mayfield showed up and said hi to everyone.

But anyways what we really want to share is that Wyrick gave us an early Christmas present....
Yeah....they are supposed to keep the Zombie Gnomes away... Anyways if you want to check out more pictures click here

PS $5 of every order of Zombie Gnome Ornament Heads will go to SEF (Small Enterprise Foundation) get more info here 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Time to Eat

Well Thanksgiving Day is here and Chris and I are just so thankful for Mayfield and Wyrick for coming into our lives and keeping those damn Zombie Gnomes away. And strangely enough we are sort of thankful for Zombie Gnomes because...well we wouldn't have anything to talk about if we didn't. 

Wyrick, Mayfield, and little Shemp are going to be joining us for thanksgiving. We are really excited and we will make sure to take some pictures to show to you guys.

PS Here is a great picture of Wyrick and Mayfield kicking some ass. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!