Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stay Safe, Stay Alive

Well, Wyrick came back yesterday. We had a long heart to heart about what happened. He said he was so sorry that he wasn't there to protect us. He thought he had found a lead on where is wife had gone. Instead he actually found something very disturbing. He told me to follow him to our neighbors yard and there I saw this...

It was such a disturbing sight that I was in a state of shock the whole day. I didn't know what I should write to you guys so I decided to take the day off and collect my thoughts. So here it goes. EVERYONE PROTECT YOUR OTHER LAWN DECORATIONS! It seems as though the Zombies Gnomes are starting to attack them as well as humans. Who knows what disastrous effects this will have on the delicate balanced lawn environment. Once I have more information on the poor pink yard flamingo and its attackers I will let you know.

Stay Safe Stay Alive

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