Monday, January 9, 2012


So Chris and I went away this weekend to Las Vegas. It was really fun and frankly Chirs and I really needed a break from all of those crazy Zombie Gnomes. So we backed up our bags and went to Sin City. We told Wyrick and Mayfield to take good care of the house and at first we were a little worried about what we would come back to wasn't that bad :). There were a few body parts spralled across the yard....but nothing we haven't seen before. 

When we got home, we found Mayfield and Wyrick sitting on the porch just enjoying the day. Mayfield was feeding little Shemp his bottle and Wyrick was smoking his tobacco pipe. They seemed very content and happy. We asked them how things went and they said it went well. They did however find some new Zombie Gnomes that they were worried about and that they wanted to  show us them the next day (aka today). So...well..Chris and I are getting ready to go on another Zombie Gnome hunt. Hopefully we won't get our ankles bit...

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