Monday, January 2, 2012

That Time They Tried to Attack The Rose Parade

As some of you might know, in California we have a tradition every New Year called The Rose Parade. Probably the only reason I have ever watched this thing was because a relative or someone I knew was associated with it. I do have to admit though they do have some really cool floats and they are covered in fresh flowers so most of them are really pretty. The great part is if you wait at the end of the parade (which I've done a few times) the floats will start falling apart. So sometimes it'll be an arm or a leg will be missing, or a fake building made of roses would have fallen down. 
Anyways the reason I'm mentioning this is that the Zombie Gnomes tried to attack the Rose Parade. The only reason I even know about this is because of Wyrick and Mayfield. They were purging an area of Zombie Gnomes, in Chris and mines garden, when they saw a crude drawing and the letters " Ros Parde" (apparently Zombie Gnomes don't know how to spell) Mayfield and Wyrick were able to figure it out that the Zombie gnomes were going to hitchhike a parade float (the one from Cal Poly Pomona) and hide on it until the beginning of the parade. Then they were going to jump off and start attacking all of participants there. 
Well Chris and I knew we had to do something. So we set up traps around the house to trap the Zombie Gnomes inside our Garden so that Mayfield and Wyrick could do their thing. The two of them were able to catch the Zombie Gnome who started this evil plan and keep the rest of the Zombie Gnomes from attacking (thank god). 

Could you imagine how awful it would be if the Zombie Gnomes had succeeded?

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