Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 2nd Wave Collection

So i know you guys want to know what the hell happened when we found Mayfield. So we thought we should first introduce some new characters into story. Here are the NEWEST Zombie Gnomes that we have found. Pinwheel Penny and Gertrude Guts.

Mayfield and her son Shemp, some of the last surviving garden gnomes, have just met up with the crazed flesh eater Gertrude Guts and her mother Pinwheel Penny. Mayfield and Shemp must fight off these horrifying Zombie Gnomes to get back to their husband and father Wyrick. This indeed with be an epic battle to the end of cunning, strength, and force of will. Hopefully they will survive and reunite with Wyrick.

If you would like to look at some more pictures come here :)

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