Friday, October 14, 2011

Pinwheel Penny

I bet you guys are wondering who the new Zombie Gnomes are, so we introduce to you the unfortunate tale of Pinwheel Penny.

Her last day alive started out with laundry. Unlike most of the Gnome house, there was no natural spring welling up near the home, so she had to use a municipal drain that was a great distance away( about 12 yards away). When she finally returned home, she found her husband Larry lying the ground screaming in pain. He was missing his legs, and spraying blood everywhere, but somehow he was still alive. And as he died she kissed passionately, after a moment he pulled her in tighter, and ate her lips off of her face. She managed to escape his grasp only to turn into the living dead herself shortly after. So making the best of a bad situation she decided to get a snake from her old friend Mayfield. Instead she found herself face to face with her old friend, a pin wheel pinning her to the earth. 

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