Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's what happened

So we image that some of you were able to read the update of Mayfield and Shemp. We thought we would give you a little more info on what happened to them.

We found Mayfield and Shemp lying in the garden barley alive a few weeks ago. A group of Zombie Gnomes were advancing forward when Wyrick jumped out and began firing. The distraction gave us time to save Mayfield and Shemp and take them back to the house. Wyrick came soon later and by then we were able to stabilize his wife and son. Not until the end of last we were we able to get some of their story and what a fun and adventurous story it was (we would tell it now, but our pictures haven't been developed yet)

We did figure out that the Mayfield was the one that left those Body Parts around the yard. (Damn she's kick ass)

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